Client Reviews

“Nancy helped me to recover from a painful autoimmune condition, sarcoidosis, with diet, nutrients, herbs & lifestyle changes. This was in 2002, and it has not recurred.  She has helped guide me through various other health issues, so I always think of consulting with her when facing health challenges!”  L.H.

“I’ve struggled with physical and mental health issues my whole life. I encountered many practitioners along the way (western MD, eastern, naturopaths, you name it) and put thousands and thousands of dollars into trying to feel better. I serendipitously heard of Nancy through a mutual friend. After my first conversation with her, I was ecstatic that finally a practitioner could actually help. Her knowledge of autoimmune and hormonal issues is deep and she helped put some pieces of the puzzle together for me. She recommended a few key products that completely turned things around for me, I had a desire to go even deeper by learning about my genetics and uncommon food sensitivities. Sure enough, Nancy had knowledge about these too. I can now honestly say I trust her more than any health practitioner I’ve ever worked with in almost 40 years of struggles!” M.G.

 “I have worked with Nancy on my health issues for many years. I prefer to use natural treatments, if possible. Nancy has helped me identify celiac disease and dysbiosis, and getting my gut back in order has been huge. She is an amazing health detective who can think outside the box & ahead of the curve. I am now healthier than I ever hoped to be!” M.H.


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